How to Set Up a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

It’s story of past when you need a professional to set up your blog/website. As world is moving and changing without you and many things has been changed and creating your wordpress blog is one of them. Well my today’s post is totally based on “How to setup a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog” without taking help of anyone.

May be you are thinking that wordpress is free website why I am asking to set-up self hosted blog? If you want to know the difference between free & self hosted blog please click on below mentioned link where I have explained difference between both in detailed:

Difference Between Free & Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Why I am Recommending Self Hosted Blog?

May be you don’t have enough time to read my other article but you can bookmark it. Instead of this I have point out few best reasons which will bring your attention towards the self hosted WordPress blog over free wordpress blog.

  • Top level domain name as in free wordpress you get sub domain like:
  • Unlimited theme & facility to customize them
  • Thousands of plugins which will help you in promotion or whatever you want to do
  • Off-course SEO Friendly
  • And the best one is you can place ads of your choice to make money from your blog

Hmm the above sounds look good and motivated you to start self hosted blog now I can move on. As there are many other guides are also available on this but Speaking Technically make’s this guide more easier for you because I have analyze the others posts and learn from their mistakes and giving my best in this post. So don’t forget to post your feedback in comment section after installing your own blogJ.

Creating a self hosted blog is not so hard it’s very simple and easy and as I said in the Title of the article it will not take more than 10 minutes to setup wordpress blog. So let’s start it now.Set up self hosted blog in 10 minutes

How to Setup a Self Hosted WordPress Blog in 7 Easy Steps

Step 1- Domain Name: This one is the very first & important step you have to choose your domain name according to your business, purpose.

How domain name looks like same as mine “”  please don’t go for any random domain name because it’s not just a name it’s your brand name so be careful while choosing your domain name and take your time.  If you want to know more about how to choose a domain name click here

Step 2- Register Domain: Once you choose your domain name now you have to register it before someone else grab it. You can browse the search engine for the list of Domain registrar. If you need any recommendation from me then I will recommend to go with GoDaddy or BigRock as both are well reputed and branded in name the field of domain registrar.

Step 3 – Get Web Hosting: This is the last 3rd step before you can create your own self hosted wordpress blog. Basically webhosting is the place which contains the pages of a website or you can say it’s a server which makes visible your website to the world.

As it’s most important part and you can’t go to any random hosting service provider, I personally recommend to buy hosting from BlueHost. Why I strongly recommending bluehost? One of the best reason I personally using their web hosting service you can check yourself this website “” is hosted on BlueHost. Instead of this highlighted few points below which I really like and not seen anywhere else.

Reason #1: Support Team: It has great 24×7 support via phone, e-mail or chat. I have personally used their support via chat as I located in India and they are based in U.S. instead of that there support via chat is tremendous. They sort out most my problems via chat and I never made any call so far regarding hosting issue because they sort out it over chat :).

Reason #2: Reliability: When it’s comes to reliable web hosting they are super reliable. It boasts an uptime average of 99.9%.

Reason #3: Unlimited: In the beginning I was not familiar how much space I do need and what disk space but after recommendation of my friend I signup there service and now happily using it. As they offer unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain & unlimited email accounts etc.

Reason #4: Ease of Use: It’s really very simple and easy to use in-fact if you are not a tech pro. You can also use the BlueHost as they made it simple for non-geeks.

Reason #5: WordPress:  You will be wonder to know that WordPress itself only official recommends three hosting services & BlueHost achieve the 1st. Blue host hosts around 9,00,000 WordPress blogs.

Step 4 – Connect Domain with Hosting: Now you have both a domain name & hosting if you have register your domain name via BlueHost that’s good in case you have registered your domain via GoDaddy or BigRock then you need to connect you domain with BlueHost server name.

Till you don’t set server name of your domain users can’t access your domain and you also can’t do anything in your domain. So connect domain with hosting service.


How to connect domain to BlueHost server?
How to connect domain to HostGator server?

Install WordPress Theme : If you have signup a hosting company which don’t have facility to one click wordpress installation same as Bluehost then you could be in trouble you have to be tech pro to do this. You have to go through the to download the software and after that upload it to your hosting. As wordpress becoming popular so hosting companies improving in their service for the users but if you have BlueHost hosting then don’t worry you can simply do via login to your control panel account.

After login to your bluehost account click on Hosting Tab Go to Website Builders & click on WordPress now click on Install you are almost done. To check step by step wordpress installation in blue host or any other hosting service provider please read below articles.

Install WordPress on BlueHost
Install WordPress on HostGator
Install WordPress on GoDaddy
Install WordPress on DreamHost
Install WordPress manually on any Webhosting

Step 5 – Log into Your WordPress Blog: Once you install the wordpress to your blog, save the login details  via writing it to note pad or your note book  manually. BlueHost also email you login details but still I recommend to note it down. You can bookmark your login page in case you forgot how to login to your blog not to worry simply type your domain name in the address bar of your browser it could be Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. You can see the option login or the right hand sand in your blog you have to scroll down to see this.

If you can’t find then try this method to login to your blog ( its definitely works.

Step 6 – Setup the Basics: If you want to make your blog more SEO & User friendly then you must need to configure some basic settings like:

Setting up permalink
Comment Option
Www. Or non www
TimeZone etc.

You can know more about it here: Essential Settings to Configure After Installing WordPress

Step 7 -Write Your First Post: Your wordpress is installed you get the login details now spread your words to world by creating your first post. Your first posts could something like welcome to my blog, or you can write something about your topic or why you started blog etc.

Creating first post is very simple you just need to login your wordpress blog ( after login to blog you will redirect to Dashboard on the left hand side you can see multiple options don’t get confused simply click on option “Posts” after clicking on it you can see “Add New”  and finally you will see a blank title section and so you just need to enter your title in it and post the relevant content in below the title. If all done click on publish button congratulation your first is published and visible to people. As you have several option in add new post section like Add media, Publish, Categories, Tag etc. to know more about it read my other article:

How to Create First New Blog Post

Huh if you have read my whole article and followed all the steps mentioned above now you become the proud owner of a blog. May be you are not very happy with the design of your website as its wordpress default theme not to worry you can change it if you have more time can read my below articles or bookmark them it won’t take your more than 10 minutes to read and 5-8 minutes to implements, So I can say not more than 15 minutes you can change your wordpress theme here are the recommended articles for you:

How to Install WordPress Theme on BlueHost?
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Thank you so much for taking out your time to read my article as I it make  me happy if someone get benefited from my articles in return then share it on their social networking profiles or give their feedback in comment. At the end if you are facing any problem in installing wordpress can contact me via email or post your query in comment I will be happy to help you.

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