How To Make It In The Google Top 10

Developing a website and making it popular among your potential competitors is surely a difficult thing to do for most web developers and designers, primarily because there are numerous aspects to consider in order to make your website in Google top 10. Even though some details might seem rather insignificant and you do not have the tendency to pay attention to them, the last Google update has changed things around at a great deal, determining the SEOs to focus more on providing useful content and less on advertising.

Google Top 10

Content and Keyword Density

In order to increase the page rank of your website and make it appear among the top 10 results on the first results page, you have to pay close attention to the content you are offering to the web surfers. Google will always display those web pages and websites that are most relevant to people’s queries, so make sure you include well-researched and original content, because it is very well credit by search engines and especially by Google. Any stats or other informational details are important, so consider this aspect as well; in addition, the keyword density should be no more than 2% or 3%, otherwise Google might perceive your website as spam and therefore, it will not be credited accurately.

Article Submission and Citations

Article submission and citations are an excellent way to build audience and bring many visitors to your website. Submitting valuable content to article directories like GoArticles will determine the webmasters who are trying to create websites to link back your website and increase your page rank within a short time. If you start working on this aspect right away, the next Google update which is scheduled in January 2014 will index the pages in question and any backlinks you received from other authoritative domains from all over the Internet faster.

Website Design

You should be aware of the importance of the interface (design layout) of your website, because it needs to be simple to use for all the visitors who come to your website, but still attractive and eye-catching, so their experience becomes more interesting. It is strongly recommended to avoid any design that seems too complicated; note that there are many people who are not familiarized with certain terms or technology in general, so you will need to adapt everything to their preferences and knowledge. Google will not pay attention to the quality of the graphics or to the originality of the layout, but to what other people say about your website and how many times they access it – the more appropriate the interface, the more times they will access the website.

Social Networks

Add fresh content to your website all the time and include social media networks pages as well. SEO experts from Dubai consider social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ a great way to enhance the popularity of your website. Again, you should replace any irrelevant content, useless media or many advertisements with interesting content that can help people and answer all their queries appropriately. Include engaging activities and campaigns and keep your website changing constantly.

The more time you dedicate to building everything accurately and doing everything according to Google page rank updated, the higher chances of being in the Google top 10.

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