How to link aadhaar card with Reliance Mobile sim card Number

Reliance SIM is one of the most popular mobile SIM in India. The wide network of the Reliance communication has ensured that millions of people are in the network.  However,  as the per the instructions of the Government of India,  every active number has to be linked with the Aadhaar Card.

According to the DOT or Department of Telecommunications,  6th Feb,  2018 is the deadline to do so.  Here is the process by which the active numbers can be linked with the Aadhaar Card.

What to be done before?

One of the most important things that has to be done is to have an Aadhaar Card before you link with the active mobile number.  However,  if you do not have one,  then  you can apply aadhar online and offline for the same.  You have to make sure that the registered mobile number of the Aadhaar Card is active so that you can get the OTP.

What is the Procedure?

Step 1

Visit the nearest Reliance Communication Center for the process.

Step 2

Ask the executive to link the Aadhaar card with the active Reliance mobile number.

Step 3

Provide the Aadhaar card details to the biometric system.

Step 4

An OTP will be sent your registered mobile number for the verification.

Step 5

You have to verify the fingerprint from the fingerprint scanner.

Step 6

You will again receive an SMS notification for the verification of the fingerprint.

Step 7

You have to provide the details of the active SIM and the personal information to the executive for linking and verification.

Step 8

You will receive an SMS to the active Reliance SIM and you must answer the SMS by replying “YES”.

Your Reliance Mobile SIM is registered and linked with the Aadhaar Card and you can enjoy uninterrupted service.

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