How to Choose Best WordPress Web Hosting

Have you booked your domain name and now want to start your blogging career then you need only webhosting to start your online career. Well choosing web hosting is not so easy task and when it comes to choose best wordpress web hosting it become more tougher for the people. Today I am going to share few things with you which help you to elect best wordpress web hosting service online.

When you search for best web hosting in Google can see multiple websites and can opt out but later you feel offended it’s not have what you looking for so before buying any webhosting for your blog please keep few things in mind which discussed wordpress hosting

Things to Consider Before Choosing Web Hosting Service for Wordperss

No doubts there are several of web hosting service provider and choosing best one of them for your blog is an daunting task for the people. If you are all set and want to start wordpress blog then you must check your hosting service provider offer following features.

1. One Click WordPress Installation

As its name represent one click wordpress installation means you just have to click on install wordpress and you are done.

The best thing about one click wp installation is you don’t need to be pro about the technology and you can easily install wordpress if you are not very familiar with web hosting and technology then you must ask your hosting provider about it. If they are not providing it then you could be little in trouble. So it will be great if this feature is offered by your service provider.

Few web hosting companies like Bluehost & Hostgator offer this feature.

2. 24×7 Customer Support

What after one click wordpress installation? In my opinion its 24×7 customer support it could be in varied forms like live chat, telephonic or via email but will recommend for live chat because some time telephonic become costly and you get delay in email responses. BlueHost provide 24×7 live chat support and resolve issues online either its related billing or technical.

Well in my starting days they help me lot as I was not tech pro and they resolve all technical issues that’s why I recommend BlueHost most of the times.

3.  99.9% Uptime Guarantee

What’s the 99.9% uptime guarantee? The simple meaning of 99.9% is that you may face 8 hours down time problem in a year. If you face more than 8 hours downtime problem then hosting company will refund you according to their term & conditions.

To be very no company provide 100% uptime guarantee hosting company offers 98%, 99%, 99.5% or 99.9% uptime guarantee. So you can decide maximum is better for you.

4. Easy to Construe Control Panel

cPanel & Control Panel both are same so you don’t need to be confused in this. With the passage of time web hosting company making control panel easy to understand for their users but few companies still following old techniques and due to this it’s quite difficult to understand by the new people who are not very familiar with technology.

So, before buying any hosting service take a trial of their service if possible or see what others say about the hosting service don’t just go and buy any random hosting service.

5. Unlimited Plans

Either you are a tech pro or non technical person this one is liked by everyone because there is no bound or restriction of using service like bandwidth, disk space, email,  addon domain & sub domain facility etc.

Companies like BlueHost offer unlimited web hosting and everything unlimited in their plan that’s the biggest reason behind Bluehost why they become popular in less time. If you sign up for BlueHost service then you don’t need to worry about anything related to hosting space or limitation.

6. Free Automatic Backups

Why automatic backups required to protect yourself from unwanted events like hacking. As we all know hackers always try to steal your details and they can damage your website but if your hosting have automatic backups service then it can be very useful for you.

As a website owners it’s our responsibility to take backup of our routine work but due to some busy schedule people forget to do that but if your hosting provider doing it with no cost then you don’t need to worry about it. So check before buying.

7. Price

As a human nature we all want to go for the cheap price in some cases its great but when it comes to buy hosting I highly recommend don’t compromise with it. If any hosting service offer very cheap price please check what they offer is there any hidden fee is there service limited or unlimited.

Because I have seen many people went to cheap hosting service provider and face down time error don’t get 24×7 support online or via telephone and that cheap price become headache for them and some cases people loss there business due to cheap hosting service. So, it would be great if you buy hosting from reputed hosting service provider and can compare their price with other popular hosting company online and then you can proceed for the payment to hosting company.

Hope this short article worth to read and now you can go to buy hosting for your wordpress blog or website instead I have recommend few web hosting company from where you can buy hosting.

Few Recommended WordPress Hosting Service Providers


One of the popular and trusted hosting company founded in the year 1996, when it comes to wordpress hosting Bluehost become the largest brand it hosts over 850,000 wordpress blog website. recommend BlueHost since 2005. It offer everything said above for further visit the official site of BlueHost.

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