How to choose an Electric Foot Massager?

Foot massage is an ancient technique practiced by many cultures for health benefits. Earlier one had to visit a salon or spa to get a more deep foot massage. But today this trend has changed; the availability of electric foot massagers has made it possible to get deep and relaxing massage at home.

Foot massage is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day of work. At the time of foot massage, the brain releases endorphin that helps experience happy and relaxed. Additionally, it is believed that getting a ten minutes foot massage has both physical and mental health benefits.

Foot massages are available in different types, namely, electric foot massager, shiatsu foot massager and foot, calf massager. For personal use, electric foot massager is the best. If you are considering buying an electric foot massager or gift one to a friend then consider a massager that line with your budget, convenience, and requirement.

Features to look for in an electric foot massager

The magnitude of the food massage

The first factor that you need to consider is the size and weight of the foot massager. The best foot massager is one that fits well and lightweight. A heavy foot massager is hard to move around and store. Also before you buy ask the shopkeeper for a demo, check and see if the massager fits your feet correctly and massages the pressure point you need.

Operation of the foot massager

Foot massagers are bought for the sake of easy operation and convenience. Foot massagers are available in different features. Foot massage is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day of work. Before investing in a foot massagers read the features and specification and buy a model that line with your requirement.

Treatment options

Most of the foot massagers available in the market have a therapeutic effect. Depending on the usage and need for treatment decisions on a model. The elements like heat, pressure and kneading effect are preferred by the majority of foot massager users for treatment purposes.

Composition of the foot massager

The design should not blind you from making wrong choices. Prefer foot massagers made out of quality material; check their construction and standard of the company before making a purchase.

Buying foot massagers with warranty period must be preferred. Massager with warranty has two-fold benefits, it can be replaced in case of damages and also issuing warranty means the manufacturers are confident about the quality of his product.


When buying any product knowing what others think about it is a great place to start. Reading about the personal experience of a customer with a product gives you a clear picture as to durability, usage, and other features. Checking reviews and reading testimonials has never been this easy, a simple Google or Amazon search will get you the answers.

To sum it up, simple online research helps you make the decision. Visit online sites that contain complete information, deals and offers on foot massager before you make a purchase.

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