How to Add Signature in Gmail with Images

What is Signature?

Before we proceed to add signatures in gmail we should know what is signature may be few people are not aware with that. So here, we are a signature is a morsel of text such as your name, company name, Website URL, contact information & your logo etc which is automatically inserted at the bottom of every message your compose and send. You can see the example of signature below:Example Image of Signature in GmailFew email service provider such facility or may be few not but we are here to discuss about gmail in Gmail signatures shows at bottom of your messages with two dashes. You have to click  these dashes to see the signatures.

Benefits of Adding Signatures in Email

Adding signatures in email known as one of the great way to promote yourself and your business because its cost nothing just little works from you side to add it in your email once only.

Steps to Add Signature in Gmail

As you understand the importance of signatures and now want to know how to do it. To add signature in Gmail follow these steps.

First you should have an gmail account for it.

Now log in to your gmail account with your user name & password

Now click on the icon as mentioned in the below image after clicking on icon drop down menu will open.Add Signature in Gmail 1

Now drop down menu is open you can see the option namely “Setting” click on to add signature to gmail Image(2)

After clicking on setting you will redirect to new page now you need to scroll down for the “Signature” to add signature to gmail image (3)

Click on the box “to add signature” as mentioned in below imagehow to add signature to gmail (image 4)

Now fill the box with the text either its personal or professional. Once you fill the box with your required text, quote click on the “Save Changes” button at the to add signature to gmail (5)

Now signature is added, you can try it by simply reply anyone message or by composing the message. If you face any kind of problem can drop your question in comment section and like the article please do not forget to share it and rate it with 5 star at beginning of the post.

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