How to Add My Company Logo/Image in Gmail Signature Latest Version

Last Monday we have discussed about how to add signature in Gmail? And today in this article we will discuss about how you can add your company logo or image in Gmail signature. It’s worthless to tell you about the importance of your company logo to your email signature as it’s a great way to maintain your branding and shows a professional images of your to others.Signature Email ExampleAs everyone knows gmail changed its look so don’t worry it doesn’t mean you can’t add signature to your Gmail it’s pretty easy I will teach how you can do that with following simple steps.

You can get few basic steps on my previous article regarding

How to Add Signature in Gmail?

  1. So we start with from very beginning Login to your Gmail account
  2. Now you can see an image of Gear next to your email click on it and then click on Setting option as given in below image.Gmail-Gear-Icon-dropdown
  3. Now you will redirect to General setting page after scrolling you will see the option “Signature”
  4. In the plain box you can write some text of your choice, like your name, company name, designation, website url, phone etc. You can get more information about the text signature by clicking here
  5. If you want to add image or logo in your signature can do it simply by clicking on the icon given in signature as mentioned in below image.Insert Image in Gmail Signature
  6. Once you click on the photo icon a pop window will open and ask for the Internet address of the image that you want to insert. It may be a problem for you because most of the people don’t have image online anywhere.
  7. If you have no image it doesn’t mean you can’t add image there are several way to get one online. A) If you are wordpress user then upload the image and copy image link url from the impage uploader area or media file. B) You can also use popular image sharing sites like such as Photobucket, flickr, Dropbox etc to upload image and can get image url easily and then add it in your signature by following above mentioned steps.
  8. Another great to insert image is that find the image in any search engine copy the image by pressing the (Ctrl + C) and paste it in your signature or use (Ctrl +V)

(NOTE: Function no. 8 will work only in Google Chrome)

  1. Once you inserted the image please review your signature if image on proper place your name and other thing as well and you are satisfied with your signature you just need to scroll down to the bottom where you need to click on ”Save  Changes” button.

Congratulation you did it! Try it via composing the message and check all things are right. If not let me know in comment section.

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