How Social Media Can Help Your Vocal Career


The Internet never sleeps! The World Wide Web has several features that since its conception have allowed users to post their profiles and information online to slowly take over from other information sources such as newspaper classifieds. Potential employers can now simply access your bio and employment status through sites like LinkedIn or personal pages and apps like BranchOut.

It’s quickly become the norm to be savvy online, the premier method of job searching is completely electronic and undoubtedly gives any aspiring voice talent the edge they need to research and find the best opportunities for them – long before any other sources could get you this information.vocal careerChanges

As you progress in your career, you’ll build connections that would usually be lost or forgotten. With the use of Social Networking however, you can maintain and keep these links and find that they’ll help you at times when you’re between jobs or looking for greener pastures.

For voice work in particular where you might not have one set employer for life and freelance work is how you make most of your living – connections are all that more important to really squeeze the maximum amount of potential work that you can partake in.

Exposure to New Paths

Being in the online community of voice work, you’re more than likely to discover some avenues of work that you’d never thought of or considered. Taking the chance and jumping could lead to whole new career paths opening up and all the perks that accompany them.

Exposing clients to samples or demos of your work is that much easier with platforms such as SoundCloud and personal file hosting; it also takes the pressure out of you hounding someone in person to listen to your work. You’re much more likely to impress that voice over agency with a wide range of easily accessible samples on through a couple of clicks.

Friends of Friends

Using your Social Network, you can meet business associates and people of similar ilk to really boost your profile and ability amongst those who will appreciate it the most.You may even find yourself on the reverse of this benefit, helping someone else who can help you later in his or her own career. There is also the possibility of being an employer and dipping into the talent pool

Your competition is also likely to be using Social Media, and it’ll be easier to check on the latest developments and trends in your voice acting community. This allows you to react or innovate as soon as possible, rather than waiting and hearing about the news long after it’s happened.


Profiles on Social Networks allow you to show a more personal side to employers and clients, and with this come advantages and disadvantages. There is the possibility of having interests and hobbies in common with others who may be mulling over giving you work, and that mutual love could be what it takes to put you above the crowd of people who do not share your eccentricity.

The downsides are obvious when you think about it, any opinions or material you post is shared with your work colleagues and potential employers, meaning if you don’t want to burn any bridges you’ll need to regulate and consider what you express on the internet.

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