How Does an Electric Kettle Work? The Science Behind It

Electric kettles are one of the most popular and useful household appliances that are used is very easy to use an appliance that is very effective to boil and heat up the water and other liquids in your kitchen. You must be using it in your kitchen or you must be planning to get one for your home. When you are going to use any appearance for the first time, you always want to know about its working. It is always interesting to understand the science behind the working of such small appliances that are such useful at your home.

Construction and working of the electric kettle:

At the bottom of electric kettle, a sealed heating element is used. Above this heating element in the electric kettle, the canister is used to hold the water. It can be removed or it can be unremovable into the electric kettle. On one side of the electric kettle, you will find all the controls and buttons. There may be on/off switch or switches to control the temperature inside the kettle.

Heating element in the electric kettle:

In the electric kettles, the power is supplied by the heating element. The heating element is made up of a material that resists the electricity flow. When the electricity will flow into the resistor, it will be turned into heat that will heat up the liquid or water inside the electric kettle. Therefore, the working of electric kettle is quite simple and easy to understand because of its effective principle.


It is the part of the electric kettle that is used to control the temperature of the heating element. You will be able to set the high or low temperature that will affect the resistance of the electricity. It will improve or decrease the temperature of the liquid that is used inside the electric kettle.

At the present time, you will find several other features in the electric kettles. You may find indicator screen and auto on-off feature according to the temperature in that you want to heat up the liquid inside the electric kettle. Therefore, it is quite easy to understand the construction and working of the electrical.In the market, different types of electric kettles are available for the customers and you will find the difference in the designs as well as the capacity of holding the liquid inside it for heating or boiling.

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