How Does a Pressure Cooker Work? The Science Behind It

Pressure cooker is one of the most convenient kitchen appliances that is used in every home. It is very effective to cook our regular food very quickly because of the use of steam pressure power. Because of the increased pressure, the steam will raise the maximum temperature and it will be very effective to cook faster. Pressure cooker is known to provide the best results for cooking as compared to boiling, steaming and baking. Therefore, it is used at a large scale all over the world because of its excellent features for easy, fast and affordable cooking.

Do you really know the science behind the working of a pressure cooker? Most of the people do not understand the real scientific facts behind the working of pressure cooker so you will get the complete information on it below:

The scientific working of a pressure cooker:

Water is the most essential liquid that you have to use inside the pressure cooker. After that, you will apply the heat energy to boil the water inside the cooker. After getting the heat energy, the water molecules start to break and it will be converted into vapors. After that, it will create pressure inside the pressure cooker. Once the water will reach the boiling temperature, there will be extra heat because of the vapor pressure inside the cooker.

Now, you know about the relation of boiling and pressure inside it. let’s understand the function and construction structure of the pressure cooker. In the pressure cooker, you will find a vessel of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. On the top, it has a lid as well as a safety valve so that it can control the internal pressure at a certain level. It also has a rubber ring that is very effective to prevent any kind of leakage of pressure in the pressure cooker.

How is pressure cooker used for cooking? First of all, you will need to put the food and some water inside the cooker and will close the lid. After that, you will provide the heat energy to the vessel that will increase the temperature as well as pressure inside the cooker. Because of the higher temperature of water and pressure inside the cooker, your food will easily be cooked inside it. When the pressure will increase beyond the needed pressure, the control valve will lift up automatically and your cooker will whistle so it is definitely an effective and safe way of cooking.

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