Get Continuous Ink Supply System for Your Home Office

In the past decade, there has been a considerable growth in the number of professionals that are offering all sorts of services ranging from business marketing to web designing. This massive growth rate has resulted in more people working from their home based offices. With additional expenses of lighting and heating forced into their monthly utilities, they prefer saving more and more on other things. The only cost of running a home based office comes from a stable Internet connection, printer ink and stationery.

Sadly, the latter is not always affordable, especially when your business has a lot of printing to do. Ink cartridges can cost users with a lot of money when it comes to buying and replacing them every month, mounting to hundreds of dollars over a year. To keep the costs down, a large number of home office owners are now opting for Ink tank printers or the continuous ink supply.

Premium Quality Dye Ink Save More

The continuous ink supply systems are particularly designed as the external bulk ink systems that supplies consistent ink to your printer via the capillary unit. Linking to the printer through an Ink cartridge, the CISS works in exactly the same manner as the standard color and black cartridges do, except when it dries, you do not have to replace it, but just top up the ink.

The system comprises of four or even more ink tanks that consists of an integrated monitoring feature that alerts the user as any of the tanks run dry. While this happens, you can simply opt for more ink cartridges and get them refilled.

Buying ink in bulk instantly means  you will be able to save more on the unconventional purchasing expensive and small manufacturers cartridges and eradicate the time that is spent on finding the most accurate type of ink for your printer model.

Moreover, you can make the most of the ink cartridges. The printers are programmed in a manner that they alert the users while the ink is drying; however, it does not essentially means that the ink has run out and the cartridges are then thrown away with some ink still left in them. By switching to the CISS system, it has been estimated that printers with high volume can save as much as 90 percent on the ink replacement costs.

Environment Friendly

Continuous ink supply systems have proven to be exceedingly environmentally friendly. The more ink cartridges you purchase, the more will be spent on packaging and plastic that go wasted. CISS reduced it drastically, helping it a greener way to print.

Compatible With All Printer Models

The CISS products are fully compatible and adaptable with virtually every model and make of a printer, including the leading brands like Epson, HP, Brother, and Canon. They are extremely efficient and can also be refilled even during the printing sessions, eradicating the frustration of redoing the job due to ink runs out.

Working form your home is obviously a great approach to run your business and that also on a budget, therefore opting for a continuous ink supply systems fits your business perfectly.

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