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typographyIn this technologically evolving world we have come a long way in this age of internet. Typography in the past had for long been overlooked by web designers. In the changing times, realizing the hierarchy of good visual typography website designing in Mumbai has now gained recognition. The importance of different text, style size and font family has now given room to the creative minds to create challenging beautiful websites with the use of typography.

Typography though very effective in design is not easy to create. To create demanding typography you need to master the art and technique of arranging type. Thoughtful and Analytical thinking coupled with simplicity factor, with a deliberate selection of font, size and element is a key factor in this age of web design digitization.

Typography is an integral part of every web design and you need to make sure to choose web safe fonts such as Arial, Verdana and Georgia to name a few. You can create all – Large headlines, bold text blocks to small-sized texted body copies. By ensuring the usage of safe fonts you can ensure better control on your visual outward show of the fonts on all browsers and operating systems.

Popular fonts are available in splendid on the web! Comic Sans, Trebuchet MS, Impact to name a few from the lot.

Do you love Typography? If it seems to interest you, check it out, and remember – it’s never too late to begin. If yes, extend your learning and dabble in thought of attending school again. Further your knowledge and expand your career possibilities.

Typography schools and forums for graduates of web designs are available in plenty for web designers in Mumbai. Such forums encourage professionals to come together, exchange ideas and are a guiding force to the student fraternity.

Projects are discussed with actual briefs and informal discussions in a self- reflective outlook for fostering interests and close relations and creative outbursts of ideas to harness legendary web designers.

Moreover the guest lecturers and school students in these programs are working professionals who bravely decided to take the plunge and follow their passion! If any of these interests you, check it out, and remember – it’s never too late to begin.

A few essential skills for a typography web operator


A typography web operator needs to have good computer drawing skills and should have attention for detail. Although drawings and blueprints are generally made on the computer, they must even have an aptitude for manual, hand drawings.

A web designer needs to have good conceptualization skills. He should be able to read and interpret viewer’s mind with critical excellence. He should also have good knowledge, yet think bizarre about typography terminology to aid him to create typography with the weirdest paraphernalia to create history in the designing process.

He should also be good with geometry and algebra—this is essential to the whole designing process, since he will need to calculate proportions, circumference, area and other values.

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