Essential Tools For Web Designers

Creating a website with a professional web design is not an easy job. It is often a matter of balance and organization. During the entire process the web designers should make sure that they cover all the expectations of their customers and in the same time meet the highest standards in the business.

Essential Tools For Web DesignersProfessional web design is also associated with the use of specific tools some of which are absolutely essential. Of course, we must confess that every web designer has their own favourite tools and approaches. And when talking about working approaches, we should definitely mention the fact that different web designers have different methodologies. Some of them prefer working with almost no special tools. On the other hand, others choose all the options that the most diverse range of web design applications and tools may offer.

Here is a list with some of the best and most essential tools for web designers:

•    LIpsum
LIpsum, which is short for Lorem Ipsum is one of the most commonly used worthless texts editors. It is used to fill some elements of graphic design in with literally worthless and meaningless text. Such kind of text is called “dummy text” or “placeholder text”. If we have to put this in other words, if you are sick and tired with filling your web design themes with endless meaningless sentences, use this generator.

Lipsum is an extremely famous tool and there is hardly a professional in the field of web design who haven’t heard of it and enjoyed using it.

•    What the font?
You can often encounter some creative web banners with interesting fonts that you may take advantage of the website you are building. The “What the font?” tool offers you a special algorithm for recognising such fonts directly from images, saving you some precious time and efforts. The results are often impressive.

•    ColorCombos
One of the most important factors that will provide you with a successful web design is the choice of an appropriate colour palette. ColorCombos is a tool that offers a great choice of various colour palettes that can inspire you for your next project. This is also an online tool that provides you with different approaches for looking through the colour palettes according to your personal requirements and those of your customers.

•    ConvertIcon
The use of favicons is literally mandatory for every website, but sometimes the ICO format is inaccessible or inappropriate for the web designers. These are exactly the cases when ConvertIcon makes wonders by letting you convert the most popular PNG format into an ICO format. The tool also offers you to resize the image in various standard sizes, which saves a lot of time and efforts.

•    HTML Encoder
This tool offers you a quick and reliable way to code and decode some HTML symbols into their public analogues, which makes it one of the most useful and time-saving tools.

•    Test Everything
This tool gives you a variety of quick and easy to use options to make online tests of the website you are working on. The tests include links to tools that are also perfect for people who are working in the field of Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

•    IconFinder
This is an online tool that offers all web designers a large library of thematically arranged icons in different sizes and formats. You will surely enjoy the convenient search system options, which makes the tool so popular and easy to work with.

•    Load Impact
Load Impact is an extremely useful web design tool, which purpose is to test the server that hosts the website you are working on. This platform simulates increasing traffic that gives the users a much cleaner perspective of the parameters of the traffic.

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