Difference between Smartphone & Basic Phone

We all are familiar with basic phone and Smartphone but if we have to differentiate between these two or explain it other become little difficult for us. In the year 1973 when Mr. Martin Cooper launched 1st basic mobile phone he may be never thought about that a phone become the need of common man and one can carry it in their pocket. Well that’s the story of past and now technology become advance with the passage of time and we can do almost everything with a Smartphone.

Before I move ahead will share the key difference between Smartphone & Basic Phone which will help you to understand it easily. A Smartphone is a mobile phone which is similar to minicomputer or you can smartphone is a same as minicomputer because it’s allows advanced computer capability & connectivity instead of this its offer variety of features. Unfortunately you can’t do such activity in basic phone because it don’t allow its users facility same as smartphone via basic phone you can make and receive calls and also can send this text messages to other.basic phone vs smart phoneWhat are the Smartphone and basic phone actually these both are the categories of cell phones which you can find online or in local market. The condition of basic phone is made to differentiate the phone from Smartphone. As technology increasing at an exponential rate due to which basic phone become less popular nowadays. As we are human being and greedy by nature or you can say we are very curious and that’s why always ask or look for more and we also need more features  in our phone and that’s why mobile companies adding new features in mobile phones. As basic phone become less popular but not empty from the market and still there are many lovers of basic phones and they use it because it’s easy to use and they don’t want to be in trouble which arises from having Smartphone.

Smartphone Vs Basic Phone

As I said above Smartphone similar to minicomputer and its offer a variety of features such as computing capabilities, video conferencing, calling capabilities, internet, camera, net surfing, media players, GPS navigation  and many more. In a very simple way you can that a mobile phone which allows you work of a computer may consider as a Smartphone. Smartphone are powered by operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, etc.  Hmm we have discussed the history of Basic phone above in the passage but what about Smartphone? Smartphone was introduced by Ericsson in 1997 in the market, when it used the word to describe its GS 88 ‘Penelope’ concept as a smartphone.

Basic Phone:
Basic phone mean a simple and stylist mobile phone by which you can make/receive phone calls and its allow users to send/receive text messages.  For instance take the old version of Nokia mobile phone which was mostly used by people to play snake gameJ. Nowadays a basic phone is which have not included mind boggling technology that’s it. Instead of receiving/making calls, send/receive text messages you can use the basic internet nowadays. As world is growing and people looking for more technology so few more features are added to basic phones like more games, basic camera, torch, monophonic ringtones etc. the best part of the basic phones is that you don’t have to pay anything extra because you can’t use net or any other service same as Smartphone you just have to pay your phone call charges & SMS charges.

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