LG Announces The Stylus 2 Before Their Event At MWC 2016


When LG unveiled their G4 Stylus device last year, the world was very intrigued by it and so, it led to the planning and development of another device that comes with a stylus for better and more accurate performance. Today, that planning and development has shone through in the announcement of the LG Stylus 2. The device has been announced before the much awaited event that is set to take place this month; the Mobile World Congress 2016, and further and in-depth details of the device will be released later…

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Samsung Expands its Universe with the Most Powerful Galaxy Ever Made!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs

Samsung is known for its high quality gadgets in the world of technology. Lately, Samsung has established a strong foot in the mobile phone market as well.  There are several phones in the market today that are bearing the name of this electronics giant. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 will definitely be such phone with all the killer features it should have today. It is expected to have the much anticipated sleek and tender looks that will go with a bunch of innovative. Mobile phone users are all praises for…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4-Black- The most powerful PHABLET ever made

Samsung Galaxy note 4

Galaxy series from Samsung has been in charge in the market when it comes to quality android devices. It is amidst one of the most powerful android devices in the market. The Black color makes it even more elegant. Samsung has always surprised its customers with a sleek design and perfect UI. The Galaxy Note 4 is the perfect example of this. If you are looking to buy budget android device with exceptional capabilities then look no further apart from this device. It is amidst one of the first Galaxy…

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SamSung Galaxy Grand 2, Quattro, Price and Specification in India

SamSung Galaxy Grand 2 Black & White Image

Have you made your budget to buy SamSung Mobile phone? In my today’s post I am going to dicuss about the popular models of SamSung mobiles like SamSung Galaxy Grand2, SamSung Galaxy Grand Quattro with their price, specification and features. Before I proceed would like to confirm that every market and state have different price for SamSung mobiles but in my post you can get an idea about the price so here we go. Models of SamSung Galaxy Grand with Price & Specification 1. Buy Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 (White)…

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Top 5 Best Android Mobile Phones in India below Rs. 20,000

Sony Xperia SP Image

Android smartphones in India have reached a new platform and the charming specifications under reasonable price are extremely appealing to the consumer sector. But, finding a decent smartphone under a reasonable price-point is often considered too much painful since a lot of market research is required to find your desired smartphones that’s perfectly in sync with your required specs. In order to ease your research, we’ve combed through the market and designed a list to aid you find your suitable smartphone in less than seconds. Here’s our list of top…

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Top 5 Best Android Mobile Phones in India below Rs. 10,000

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2

Getting a new phone for you is one of the most difficult task that almost each one of us go through while searching for the perfect and the best phone that fits your pocket. And especially if you are looking for Android Smartphones, the job becomes even trickier. One could find a lot of Android Smartphones in the market. Almost each and every company in the market has been focusing on Android Smartphones only. Also the price of these Android Smartphones have fallen to such an extent that one thinks…

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently dominating the flagship Android segment just like its predecessors. However, it might not be the best option for all users as it isn’t the most comfortable device to handle, especially if you have small hands, and it comes with a big price tag. That’s the reason; Samsung has launched the Galaxy S4 Mini – a phone that offers the flagship experience in a smaller, more compact and less expensive package. Build and Looks: The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini rolls out with a measurement of…

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