HTC One M8 Review, Key Features & Specification

HTC One M8 Phone

Quick Introduction to HTC One (M8) It would be massive understatement to say there are great expectations of the freshly announced HTC One M8. After all, it is one of the flagships to shape the entire season. Just a precursor which failed to play warm reception into beneficial sales is add up more burden on its shoulders. The Taiwanese maker very sure to may’ve been shaken but the latest one can’t afford to show it.At a speedy glimpse, the HTC One (M8) come along to be a solid upgrade to…

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Top 5 Features of the HTC One

The One by HTC promises to change the way you use your smartphone with its incredible design and tons of features. It is the company’s flagship Android handset and one of the best smartphones you can buy in the market. In this article, we’re taking a close look at the five top features of this device. Look and Handling: The HTC One is arguably the most gorgeous smartphone till date. It has a sturdy, well-built chassis constructed using a zero-gap technology that puts together an amazing combination of premium feel…

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