How to Get 1000 Visitors Per Day for New Website or Blog?

how to get 1000 visitors to my blog

Howdy , Today I am going to share secrets about how you can get 1000 visitors per day to your blog or website which you have started. Why I am writing on this? Actually whenever I browse forums or yahoo answer or any other social site get such question everywhere that’s why I think to write it and hope you enjoy reading it. It has been observe that most of the new bloggers don’t devote themselves to their blog because they want 1000 visitors per day on their blog after…

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How Do I Use Hashtag (#) in Social Networking Websites

Hashtags Everywhere

I got an email from my reader who was asking about hashtag because he could not find it on my blog. Well I reply his question and got idea to write on use of #Hastag in social networking websites and its’ benefits. As I become habitual of split the article in section wise so that, you can go to the point directly for which you looking for.What is Hashtag? If you are reading about hashtag first time then you should know what hashtag is? You can simply identify hashtag with…

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How Social Media Can Help Your Vocal Career

vocal career

Availability The Internet never sleeps! The World Wide Web has several features that since its conception have allowed users to post their profiles and information online to slowly take over from other information sources such as newspaper classifieds. Potential employers can now simply access your bio and employment status through sites like LinkedIn or personal pages and apps like BranchOut. It’s quickly become the norm to be savvy online, the premier method of job searching is completely electronic and undoubtedly gives any aspiring voice talent the edge they need to…

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5 Social Media Tips that Work for Your Business

social media tips for business

Social media has been proven and tested really powerful in helping businesses, small and big alike to gain wider audience, build sales and widen profitability. Many times over, social media has been a very helpful tool in bringing more opportunities for business and in turning home-based enterprises into a thriving organization with the world as the client base. If you are a traditional business, with no background on what social media is all about, read on and find out everything that you need to know about social media. You may…

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8 Things You Must Know Before Advertising on Facebook

Many people have a form of cognitive dissonance when it comes to advertising on Facebook. They go in for the affiliate program or even for simply posting on their Facebook Fan Page and even when they fail they find a way to pat themselves on the back. There are many people that make a big loss via the affiliate program and come away pleased with the fact they have increased the coverage that their product gets online. This is simply not good enough, so here are eight things you must…

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Powerful Facebook WordPress Plugins

Integrating your WordPress blog or a website with the powerful social medium such is Facebook, has many advantages. It will allow you to share your content better, reach large numbers of people and create yourself a faithful audience. The process starts after you create a Facebook page dedicated to your blog/website, and further continues with the usage of various Facebook related WordPress plugins. There are hundreds of various plugins, but I’ve selected the five that are considered the most useful when it comes to connecting your WordPress blog/website with Facebook.…

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Nano-Targeted Facebook Adverts: The Whats and Whys

Facebook advertisements, whether we’re looking at traditional adverts, promoted posts or the new video adverts that are rumored to be launching, are widely acknowledged as one of the best ways to reach your target audience through traditional, outbound means. Of course, some companies have stopped using social advertisements, claiming that they’re ineffective or difficult to measure, and some others target adverts so badly that they’re completely irrelevant. My feed is a good example of this – I work in social media, so I’ve had to ‘like’ a huge number of…

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5 Browser Plugins to Enhance Your Facebook Experience

With over a billion active users on the site, Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social network on the web. Everyone’s on there, and Facebook offers an array of tools that enable you to share what’s happening in your life as well as communicate and keep tabs on the people in your network. As great as it is though, Facebook isn’t perfect. Users of the social network have to deal with privacy issues, clunky features, and annoying advertisements. Fortunately, there are a number of fixes that you can implement to…

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Did You Know About Facebook’s ‘Hidden’ Message Folder?

Facebook has a secret message folder marked as the ‘Other’ which most of the users are not even familiar with and it might hold vital messages, they might have never seen before. The mailbox feature is a part of a measure to safeguard users towards spam, based on the social system. Technology professional David Pogue offers written within New York Times he had found the key folder filled with Facebook messages he had in no way seen. He or she said, to be able to have use of this ‘other’…

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Biography of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg was raised and got discipline from New York. Born on 1989, Zuckerberg created the Myspace platform whilst attending college at Harvard. He created it in an effort to improve the present student listing, which contains only an image of the actual student plus some contact information as numerous student sites often perform. Mark launched the website to the general public from their dorm space in Feb of 2004. Now Facebook is just about the third website probably the most visited on the internet behind Search engines and Zuckerberg…

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