5 SEO Tips for YouTube Video Optimization in 2016


YouTube is one of the strongest and most powerful tools to improve SEO and increase visitors to your website. However, as it is true for other social media platforms, the strategy and approach remains the key to success. The optimization of the video in these video sharing sites is very important. It may be said that a video can generate lots of views, but that is not converted to reality unless you havea very strong strategy for optimization. If you are not sure how optimize your videos, then here are…

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Block or Stop Ghost Spam is Free from the Politics, We Dancing Like a Paralytics

Have you seen this keyword phrase “ghost spam is free from the politics, we dancing like a paralytics” in your Google Analytic account in organic search result and excited to know what that mean and why its showing your analytic result? Ok, let me tell you that it’s a latest keyword phrase used to spam Google Analytics account across the globe. The “Ghost spam is free from the politics, we dancing like a paralytics” keyword targets your website’s analytics data and makes it appear like someone who searched for “Ghost…

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What is the Future of SEO – Is it “Dead” or “Alive”?

is seo dead or alive? rip seo

Search Engine Optimization is the term that puts you in anxiousness much more than it thrills. The question pops-up pretty frequent whether this same flow of the strategy will sustain in future also, or it will get flat. Should I proceed on this way or not? Questions like these have been keeping coming since some last years, and it is still going on. The only extract from these sorts of speculation is “nothing”. To be frank, the articles on this regard carry enough word, but they never conclude. Now, it…

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Learn How to Report Google to Remove Copied Content from Its Search Result

How to Report Google to Remove Copied Content

Nowadays numerous website owner and blogger are cark due to stolen of content. As website owners pay fee to professional writers and most of the bloggers like me spent hours to write original content but some online bullshits are there who copied the original content and simply paste it on their own blog. Don’t know about the others but I personally got choler when see other blogger who copied my content and rank above me and they did not stealing my content also steal my traffic and all we know…

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SEO Manager and TL Posts Interview Questions and Answers

SEO Interview Questions and Answers for Manager TL Level

After getting huge popularity from “Latest Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced and Fresher” I am sharing my new post especially for the SEO Team Lead (TL) and SEO Manage posts. These SEO Manager and SEO Team Lead interview questions received from several readers of Speaking Technically in my mail and finally I decided to write this post. In my today’s post you can find latest and advanced seo interview questions with their answers which is surely helpful for you to get the new job. May be few companies can…

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Importance of Keyword Density, Proximity and Prominence Explained

Importance of keyword density

If you are a SEO and optimizing a website then you know how difficult to promote a website is but if we keep work on little and important part then our work will become little easier. All we know that content play a vital role in promotion in any website but how to use that content in your website or article to get rank higher in search engine? Now you are thinking how? My answer is via using proper keyword density, keyword proximity and keyword prominence.  I have explained every…

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Reputation is All That You Have, Manage it Efficiently!

online reputation management

Reputation is the thing which a man looks out for by trying to pose each and everything, necessary. Bad news, bad photos or bad information about you or your firm may get your image dented. One is careful about the image he creates in front of the world, to showcase. In this age of technology, each and every word said about it spreads like a wild-fire, so it is must for you to know about it. Online Reputation Management is creating or restoring your image online. You can use Search…

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Received My First Cheque from Google Adsense in INR

Received My Google Adsense Cheque

Finally I received my first cheque from Google Adsense and really it makes me so happy. To be very true while started this blog I never think about the Adsense earning but after reading several blogs on net I apply for the Adsense and today it’s like dream come true. I know that amount is low but still happy to get it because the reader of my blog now can trust me more and it will surely encourage them to work harder & smarter because earning online from adsense is…

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How to Choose Good Domain Name for Your Website or Blog?

how to choose good domain name

Choosing a best domain name is not an easy task it take time and little hard work from you. I have seen people they just choose a random domain name and later change it. Few of my friends and clients ask from me about how to choose a good domain name related to their business. I believe no one can suggest you best domain name related to your product or service if you did it in right because nobody knows what your purpose is to elect a domain name. I…

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Latest Off-Page Optimization Techniques in SEO

off page optimization technique checklist image

On-Page & Off-page SEO both activities are important to promote a website as I have discussed about the on-page optimization techniques in previous article. So, my today’s post is based on off-page techniques in SEO. I have explained almost every seo off page activity either it’s done by me or not for this blog. As this post is the part of “SEO Guide for Beginners” but SEO become change with the passage of time that’s why I have enlisted basics and advanced off-page techniques in my off-page checklist. As my…

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