Disable Adoble Flash Player in Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox & Internet Explorer

Disable Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome

After “Adobe Security Bulletin” it’s clear that using Adobe Flash Player is not secure and it is recommended that “Disable Adobe Flash Player” from varied browser or from your PC because attackers can control your PC, Laptop if you are still using the Adobe Flash player. In the security bulletin update adobe clearly state that “Adobe is aware of reports that CVE-2015-3113 is being actively exploited in the wild via limited, targeted attacks. Systems running Internet Explorer for Windows 7 and below, as well as Firefox on Windows XP, are…

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CPU Makes Continuous Noise Wants to Know How to Fix It?

how to FIX CPU Noise problem

Today early in the morning while I was working on my Desktop (Personal Computer) face a problem and that was that My CPU makes a continuous noise and nothing displaying in the screen as well as in the keyboard. However the light of TFT was on and blinking so the problem was in the CPU due to which I am unable to see anything and the most irritating thing was that CPU making noise. To be very honest I am not an master in computer hardware, So I make call…

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Sony SVF Laptops Vaio Series with Price, Specification and Review

sony vaio laptop

Today I am going to share Sony Vaio Series Laptops namely SVF15413SNB, SVF14212SNB and SVF 1521ASN Black in detail which includes its price and specification mainly. I have seen most of people think that Sony’s laptops are very costly may be Rs.30,000 or 30000+ and go for the other brands and feel offended if they don’t found it according their needs. Everyone knows about Sony because it’s not just the name of any product it’s name of Branded company and Sony also deals in other electronics appliances due to which…

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Best Laptop for College Students on a Budget 2014

Lenovo Ideapad U410 laptop copy

No doubt laptops become very popular in last few years and as well as part of human life and also becoming popular in students of college. They preferred study over laptop in comparison of desktop. The best part of laptop which I also like is that you are not restricted to a place, in fact you can do your work while you are moving around or anywhere else at your, home office or college your work or study will not suffer. As students have to use laptop in college &…

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Top 10 Most Popular Laptop Brands Globally

alinware laptop

We are living in tech savvy world nowadays and Laptop which was fulfiling human beings myriad needs now become an important part of our life.  So, how we can be careless before buying a laptop? I have seen many people who just buy the laptop without analyzing their needs, budget etc and after some time they think I should analyze this before buying Laptop. The main question is how you will analyze and go for the brand? Because every day you hear that new Laptop is launched by company and…

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Get Continuous Ink Supply System for Your Home Office

Premium Quality Dye Ink

In the past decade, there has been a considerable growth in the number of professionals that are offering all sorts of services ranging from business marketing to web designing. This massive growth rate has resulted in more people working from their home based offices. With additional expenses of lighting and heating forced into their monthly utilities, they prefer saving more and more on other things. The only cost of running a home based office comes from a stable Internet connection, printer ink and stationery. Sadly, the latter is not always…

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Windows XP Support Halted; Consequences and Recommendations

Window XP-Grave

If you have Personal Computer (PC) and using Window XP then you could be in danger? because Microsoft’s announcement that it is ending its’ support for the legendary windows XP operating system has now dawned on its loyal users as on 08th April 2014. Since its launch by Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates in 2001, Windows XP proved to be basic, steady, quite fast, secure and appealing to everybody. To update, even with the newer versions like Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the most recent Windows 8, Windows XP is still…

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5 Features Every Home PC Should Have

Home PC

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new computer for your home, you’ll need to make sure all specs are suitable for your needs. If you’re struggling with the tech terminology out there though, you may find it difficult to make decision. So that you don’t purchase the wrong system, here are five of the most important features for any home PC. Make sure to look at each of these before choosing one model in particular. 1. Operating System Starting off with the basics, the operating system (or OS) is the…

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Sell Your Laptop Before it Is Too Late


No matter what state your laptop is in, there is a good chance that you will be able to get a certain amount of cash for it. Even if it is beyond repair and looks like it lost a fight with steamroller, there may still be valuable components within the machine that can be rescued and reused. Technological solutions in general have a huge amount of precious materials within them, from gold and silver to copper and iridium, and throwing away old laptops will be akin to throwing out very…

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Print Smart – Save money and ink with these simple tips

smart printer, priting tips

Established computer expert sources point out that the price of ink even for small businesses amounts to $1000 – $2000 annually. The staggering costs of printer ink have made business owners wonder – isn’t there a way to print without having so much expenditure? And even though the printing industry is expensive by nature, there are some ways to reduce the costs of printing. Let’s examine some of the most popular ways to start printing smart: 1.Position more information within a single sheet of paper. You don’t really need to…

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