Which is Best XML Sitemap WordPress Plugin for Your WordPress Blog?

Yoast Wordpress SEO XML Sitemap image

Are you looking for the best wordpress xml sitemap plugin for your wordpress blog? Then I can, assure you that you search ends here and you don’ t need to look further after reading this post because here I have shared the comprehensive list of best wordpress xml sitemap plugins that sitemap files automatically to submit to search engines. All of us know that sitemap is one of the most important part of our blog to make it search engine friendly as it contains links of all posts, pages of…

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How to Choose Best WordPress Web Hosting

best wordpress hosting

Have you booked your domain name and now want to start your blogging career then you need only webhosting to start your online career. Well choosing web hosting is not so easy task and when it comes to choose best wordpress web hosting it become more tougher for the people. Today I am going to share few things with you which help you to elect best wordpress web hosting service online. When you search for best web hosting in Google can see multiple websites and can opt out but later…

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How to Set Up a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Set up self hosted blog in 10 minutes

It’s story of past when you need a professional to set up your blog/website. As world is moving and changing without you and many things has been changed and creating your wordpress blog is one of them. Well my today’s post is totally based on “How to setup a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog” without taking help of anyone. May be you are thinking that wordpress is free website why I am asking to set-up self hosted blog? If you want to know the difference between free & self hosted blog please…

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WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Difference & Which is Better for You?

wordpress.com vs wordpress.org

One of the most confusing questions for the people who want to start blogging that which one they should use WordPress.com or WordPress.org as both have its own pros and cons without knowing them you will be in confusion always. I can understand what kind of questions are raising in your mind as these questions were raised in my mind as well when I started my blogging career.  So what these questions are? 1) What is WordPress.com & WordPress.org? 2) What is the Difference between WordPress.com & WordPress.org? 3) Which…

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Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Small Business Website

WordPress forSmall Business

If you are small/medium/large business person and still using old website formats like .HTML its clear mean that you are not aware of the changes & benefits of using WordPress or similar CMS.  Today I am going to discuss on Benefits of WordPress for All Business Websites.  So, first I would like to start by clearing your myth about WordPress that it’s not a simple blogging platform. With the passage of time it become popular and made changes now its evolved from Blogging platform to a CMS and that’s the…

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WordPress vs. Joomla: What CMS Is Better? Why?


WordPress and Joomla are both free to download and free to use CMS (content management system) platforms. They are what you see is what you get platforms that help you build a website without any need for programming or coding experience. They are both maintained by a third party to ensure they are updated regularly and ergo are more secure. What where they created for? WordPress was created to be a blog creation website and become more popular when people realized how search engine friendly some of their templates had…

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WordPress Vs BlogSpot : Why and How WordPress is Better Than BlogSpot Platform


If you are newbie in blogging then you must be confused which blogging platform is better for you either WordPress or Blogger? Actually answering this question is quite difficult as few people recommend WordPress as greatest platform of AL CMS and another group of people say self hosted blogger is above all. Now you want to know the answer which one is best blogging platform in these two. As I have already used both the blogging platforms and as per my experience I would suggest you WordPress over BlogSpot.  I…

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Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform to Use for All?

Wordpress best blogging platform

When it comes to elect best blogging platform most of the bloggers recommend “WordPress” nowadays.  Every new blogger who starting blogging always want to know which Blogging Platform is Best for them as there are multiple blogging platform also available online namely BlogSpot, WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly and many more. Now I would like to give the answer for the newbie who want to know why people recommend WordPress as best blogging platform over the other blogging platform. As every blogging platform has own pros & cons but we are not…

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WordPress Guide For Beginners – Online Tutorial Step By Step

WordPress Guide for Beginners

It is the story of past when you would need to be a Pro to start a website/blog. In today’s tech savvy world it’s very easy to starting a blog more than your thought. Now you want to know how? The answer is WordPress. Yes, you read it right even if you are not a professional coder and don’t know anything about coding you can start your own blog without writing a single line of code with the help of WordPress. You just need to follow few simple steps which…

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