Car Dash Cams Advantages and Disadvantages

Many people today use dash cameras and some of them think it is a waste of money. A car dash camera indeed has both advantages, and it is also true that using a car dash camera also has some disadvantages.

If you are planning to purchase a car dash cam, then, you should be familiar with these advantages and disadvantages. This would help you understand the product better and decide whether you need to get one or not.

Car Dash Cams

Advantages of using a car dash cam 

In recent years, the demand for car dash cameras has increased exponentially. There are several reasons for it, and, of course, it’s the advantages offered that drives people to purchase this product.

  1. Helps to verify false claims 

In recent years, it has been found out that, false claims related to car accidents have increased. Having a dash camera installed in your car would help you prove your innocence. The same could also help you to provide proof of an accident that you have witnessed.

  1. Safety for your car 

If your car is damaged while it was parked, then a dash camera with a motion sensor could record it and the user could track the culprit. Most car dash cameras come with parking mode or motion sensor feature that turns on the camera as soon as the vehicle moves.

  1. insurance premium 

Yes, nowadays, some of the insurance companies consider reducing the insurance premiums if the user has a car dash cam installed in it. In recent years, the number of the insurance company offering such policies could increase.

  1. Encourage safe driving 

While a dash camera installed in your car offers the benefit of having proof in hand, the same could also encourage the user to drive carefully.

Disadvantages of using a car dash camera 

Yeah, using a dash camera in your car also has disadvantages.

  1. Distraction 

Driving is something that needs to done carefully, a small distraction could sometimes lead to fatal accidents. It would be rather ironic for a device installed for safety to cause an accident. Most commonly, such accidents happen because a dash camera might be installed at the wrong spot.

  1. Potential to theft 

Since the dash camera is commonly mounted on the windscreen, most of the passers-by could see it. This could increase the potential for your car to be stolen.

  1. Misuse and violation of privacy 

A dash camera is designed for the sole purpose of offering the advantages as mentioned above, in the recent years, people have been misusing the dash cam to record stunts, rash drive to record it and share online, share an accident video in the social media, all of which could have a very bad effect on the case and in the public.

  1. Battery draining 

If the user ends up purchase a poor-quality dash camera, it could drain the battery easily and this, in turn, could lead to car warranty violations.

Every product offers advantages and disadvantages, this is true and you should know that there is no perfect product that offers only advantages. It is always best that you consider the advantages and consider purchasing a car dash camera.