Advantages of using a tankless water heater

The tankless water heater is very popular these days. This appliance does not use a storage tank, so the hot water directly comes through the tap. If you have a normal heater, then you may have to wait till the storage tank is filled. But, a tankless water heater instantly supplies hot water through the tap. This is possible as there is a gas or electric element fixed to the tap that supplies hot water. In this article, you can see the advantages of using a tankless water heater. Therefore, based on this, you can decide whether a tankless water heater is suitable for your home or not.

Advantages of tankless water heater

Energy efficient

The tankless water heater saves more energy than a conventional storage-tank water heater. For example, if the daily use of hot water is 41 gallons, then the average energy saved by the heater will be 24%-34%. Sometimes, you can also save 27%-54% of energy by using a tankless heater, but this much energy saving is not possible in a conventional heater.


The initial cost of a tankless heater is more than a normal water heater. However, from the investment point of view, this water heater lasts longer than conventional heaters. Moreover, low energy and low operating cost make it economical in the long run. A tankless water heater is durable and has a life expectancy greater than 20 years. The spare parts of the tankless water heater are easily available in hardware shops. But, a storage water heater’s life expectancy is just 10 years.

Excellent performance

Many storage water heaters have standby heat loss complications. This may also increase your electricity bill. However, a tankless water heater avoids the standby heat. Also, the performance of a tankless heater is excellent as there is a high water flow rate. There are two types of tankless heaters: gas-fired and electric ones. The electric tankless heater is better than the gas as its performance is excellent.

Different models

There are several tankless water heaters available in the market. Price is the main factor that determines the water heater model. The high-end tankless model may be expensive. When choosing a heater, you can decide between a heater with pilot light and without pilot light. Instead of buying a model with a standby pilot light, you can buy the model then have an intermittent ignition device feature. This IID type tankless water heater will run efficiently and effectively.

Installation and maintenance

You can choose a best tankless water heater model that is easy to maintain. The installation of the tankless heater includes fuel type, code requirement, and safety measures. Therefore, seek professional help to install it properly. Periodic maintenance and cleaning are easier than normal storage heaters. For further maintenance details, you can refer to the manufacture instructions.


Purchasing a Tankless water heater is beneficial as it provides instant hot water. This might be a smart purchase as this heater saves your electricity bills. Therefore, by thinking about the advantages, buy an excellent tankless water heater.

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