Advantages & Disadvantages of a Steam Iron

Iron is an electronic device which transfers heat to the required clothes, may it wrinkle free. Iron is a daily household item which is used and required by each and every person of the house. Now a day’s irons are coming with digital display and other technologies.  The steam iron is a modern form of electronic (iron) device.

The listing below the advantages & disadvantages (Steam Iron)

Advantages of Steam Iron

  • Safety– When it comes to an electronic device, first and the foremost question we ask about the safety. Because small children keep on moving in the house, they may touch the iron and get hurt. But in the case of steam iron having the advanced technology they have an automatic turn off system. If the steam iron is kept still for more minutes it will turn off automatically.
  • Option for vertical ironing– There are certain household items, which cannot be taken off and placed in the iron board. This type of clothes/ garment requires vertical ironing which is provided by the steam iron.
  • Good storage capacity– More holes in steam iron, more steam it produces. A steam iron can hold water up to 1000ml. so choose wisely while buying a best steam iron in India.

Disadvantages of Steam Iron

  • Frequent pouring of water– It requires frequent pouring of water in order to generate steam.
  • Issues in Dripping/ leakage– If the water tank is not locked properly, it may lead to leakage of water, which may damage the fabric.
  • It is   not fit or suitable for all types of clothes– Steam iron is not suitable for all types of clothes like wool etc.


Like coin, have two sides above mentioned are the advantages & disadvantages of Steam Iron, which must be kept in mind before purchasing one.

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