8 Things You Must Know Before Advertising on Facebook

Many people have a form of cognitive dissonance when it comes to advertising on Facebook. They go in for the affiliate program or even for simply posting on their Facebook Fan Page and even when they fail they find a way to pat themselves on the back. There are many people that make a big loss via the affiliate program and come away pleased with the fact they have increased the coverage that their product gets online. This is simply not good enough, so here are eight things you must know before advertising on Facebook.


1. Start out with Page-Like objectives

If you are just starting out and do not want to jump right into affiliate advertising, then go for something simple such as posting enough good content so that you get Facebook Fan Page “like”s on your fan page. Getting likes on the page has no real benefit, but watching how people interact with your Facebook page will teach you a little about how to convert people when they do land on your fan page.

2. Use a call to action and give people directions

Using a call to action is a fairly obvious tip, but a lot of people give the viewers just one method of vis9iting the website. You should give more than one option so that people have the call to action and then a choice of ways to act upon the call. Just a single link is okay, but the more methods you give and the more ways to interact then the better.

3. Choose either a daily budget or lifetime budget

This all depends on your style or promotion and how you are willing to advertise. A lifetime budget is more for people who have a specific goal and advertising campaign that will not need to be tinkered with. A daily budget is better for people starting out, just as long as it is all monitored correctly.

4. Make sure you go in with goals

You need to know what your advertising goals are and they need to be very specific. To go in saying that you are going to make money is just not good enough. You need to have very specific goals of how much they are going to sell, how much traffic you are going to convert and how many unit sales you are going to make in return for the money you are spending. Anything less than very specific goals will simply translate into a way you can lose lots of money for nothing in return.

5. Facebook is targeted but that simply means you have to know your audience

The good thing about Facebook is the fact you can really target your consumer. People enter in their likes and dislikes and many of their interests to the point where profiling a person is very easy. This leads people to a false sense of security and they start to think they cannot fail. Now that you have a way of targeting a very specific segment of the market, you have to get more specific about the type of person you want to market to. If you want results then you are going to need better targeting data than ever before and will have to know your consumer better than your consumer knows his or her self.

6. Try to promote your mobile app

If you are truly trying to get Facebook users to covert then stop trying to do it directly. At the most you are going to get a 12% conversion for people looking at your Facebook Fan Page to people actually visiting your website. If you get them to download your mobile app then you have a lot more time and opportunity to try and sell to them, so use Facebook to promote your mobile app.

7. Make your offer Facebook exclusive

Make it so that the offer you have is only available to people on Facebook and who have a Facebook account. The point of advertising on the medium is to capture the interest of the people on there, and if you can do this with an exclusive offer then you rise above the people who are trying to please every viewer. You also give the customer an excuse to keep visiting your Facebook profile or fan page.

8. Create Facebook ads for a little as possible

Use the same techniques you would use when trying Google AdWords. Try to get your adverts for as little money as possible and do not worry too much about getting a lot of traffic. Getting very cheap traffic is a lot better than getting a lot of traffic that costs you a lot of money. Use the bit of traffic you get to learn from to improve your conversion rates.

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