5 Types Valves Every Oil Gas Engineer Must Know

If you are somehow associated with the gas or piping industries, you would have aware of the importance of valves quality and efficiency inthe industry. Along with providing the pipeline better strength and efficiency, the valves also serves many other purposes that make it one of the most important fields of the gas engineering and piping industry. As an oil gas engineer, it is your duty to check for the quality of the valves that are being used in the industry and if any of the valves needs repairing or replacement, it should be done in the urgent basis to avoid any hazard that can be caused by the simple mistake and negligence.

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Here, we are going to talk about the five most common and important valves types that every oil gas engineer should be aware of and their major use. SO, if you were planning to make a career as the oil gas engineer, or just want to have some knowledge about the field, we will recommend you to read the article till the end to know more about these important aspects of the oil engineering.

  • Ball Valves

Ball valves can be considered as the most common and widely used valves in the oil industries, and they are particularly used to control the flow of the fluid by a rotational movement. The valves can efficiently be used for the gas, liquid and air. Due to their wide range of application,  they are the most commonly used valves used in the gas and oil industries.

  • Gate Valves

Unlike the ball valves, the gate valves are used to control the complete flow of the material and are used in the main oil/gas line that supplies the material to the other parts of the plant. The Gate valves are more durable and efficient than the other valves in the list and require less maintenance than usual.

  • Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves can be used for a variety of purposes including starting the flow and regulating it to get the desired results. The butterfly valves are used at places where the users are needed to make decisions according to the conditions and where the heavy-duty gate valves can’t be installed. The lightweight design makes it easier to use and maintain even by the novice engineers.

  • Globe Valves

The globe valves are another brilliantly designed valves that regulate the flow of oil and gases according to different needs. These valves are really easy to operate and can be easily shut or open more quickly than other types of valves listed here.

  • Plug Valves

Plug valves are used at the places where there is limited space, and the gate valves can’t be installed or operated properly and more quickly. The quick open and shut mechanism of the plug valves makes it a great alternative to the gate valves.

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