5 Features to Look for When Buying Ink Tank Printer

If you are looking for a suitable Ink Tank Printer either for your home or business, then before making the purchase, certain factors have to be kept in mind. With these points, you shall be able to make a profitable and worthy printer purchase.

Some of the primary features to be checked on when making a purchase are:

  • Print speed
  • Number of Impressions
  • Print Resolution
  • Brand Value and Efficiency

Print Speed:

Certain businesses usually require a huge or large amount of sheet printing in a brief amount of time. The same is true for local outlets that provide printing services. Ink tank printers usually perform quicker printing as compared to the cartridge employed printers. But, one needs to note the exact speed you need for printing.

The advanced and contemporary printer models usually print around 10-33 pages in a minute for color as well as black and white printing. Decide the purchase based on the reason for purchase and the specification of the printer.

Print Resolution:

For photos and image printing, print resolution quality is an important factor. Digital Artists need high print resolutions in their work. This is why it is essential to make sure that the model of the printer you purchase offers a maximum resolution. This will ensure pleasant and non-pixelated photos and images.

The majority of the printer-ink tank models provide quality of print higher than cartridge printers, but for color images, check the product description and specifications properly. 5,760 x 1,440 DPI print quality is the general one.

Number of impressions

It is interesting to know that one ink tank equalizes to around 35 cartridges. This implies the number of impressions or yields are very high as well. This is why ink tank printers are in high demand for printing and apparel companies. In general, an ink tank printer can print around 5000 plus color and 7,000 black and white pages. Some can print even more color pages. Therefore, check on your needs for printing and then select the suitable one.

Brand value and efficiency– The best brands of ink tank printers are Hp, Canon, and Brother. These have the best models available current to the market needs and specifications. The efficiency of a printer is dependent on the number of yields, quality of print, and resolution.

Some other features:

Since these printers are current and modern, they provide several features linking the latest technology. They aid in printing lots of photos and documents. They offer Wi-Fi functionality. This way, wireless printing is also possible. Even smartphones and laptops can be linked with this function. Some provide a USB 2.0 port for high-speed printing. This helps stores that provide services for printing. All-in-one printer models club all the features overall, and one can scan, print, copy and fax documents, pictures, and other images.

So, based on your home or business requirements and on how often you use the printer for various purposes, one can select the best ink tank printer that gives the best print quality, quantity, resolution, number of yields, and other specifications.

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