5 Browser Plugins to Enhance Your Facebook Experience

browser pluginsWith over a billion active users on the site, Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social network on the web. Everyone’s on there, and Facebook offers an array of tools that enable you to share what’s happening in your life as well as communicate and keep tabs on the people in your network.

As great as it is though, Facebook isn’t perfect. Users of the social network have to deal with privacy issues, clunky features, and annoying advertisements.

Fortunately, there are a number of fixes that you can implement to get rid of the not-so-pleasant aspects of the site. The following browser extensions are some of the most popular add-ons that have proven to enhance user experience and eliminate the most common Facebook annoyances:

SocialFixer.com – This nifty plugin provides a number of added features to make Facebook-browsing more convenient and enjoyable. It has a “tabs” function that puts tabs in your newsfeed, to help you browse and categorize posts. In addition, Social Fixer offers some advanced feed filters that let you customizes the types of stories that you want to see in your feed. Tired of seeing the same posts over and over again? This plugin has a fix for that as well, and lets you hide posts that you’ve already read.

Social Fixer implements a cross browser framework that makes it compatible with a number of browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Find it at: http://www.socialfixer.com

Alwittizer Facebook Enhancer – This Chrome extension brings more “oomph” to your day-to-day Facebook experience. For one thing, it gives you bigger profile pictures on your news feed so you can easily see who’s posting what. On top of that, it has a fixed top menu bar capability that keeps the Facebook menu bar visible even after scrolling down. That way, you’ll always be able navigate the site easily even when you aren’t at the top of the page. The plugin also highlights birthdays to ensure that you’ll never miss a chance to greet your friends.

Find it at: The Chrome Web Store

Beautify FB – Not too fond of Facebook’s design and interface? Then this plugin is for you. Beautify FB lets you give Facebook a face lift by letting you customize its background color, chat icons, and menu. It even lets you add rounded corners, if you’re not a fan of Facebook’s hard shapes and design.

Available for Chrome users, Beatify FB is the perfect extension if you’re looking to spice up the look and feel of the site.

Find it at: The Chrome Web Store


Photo Zoom – This convenient tool lets you view larger images of profile photos and photo albums simply by hovering over them. No need to click or manually zoom in on photos, with Photo Zoom you can make images pop with a simple mouse over.

Similar to Social Fixer, this plugin also has a cross browser add on framework so Chrome, Firefox, and Safari users can all enjoy it.

Find it at: http://www.regisgaughan.com

Facebook Blocker – This extension is for people who like Facebook, but aren’t too fond of being tracked or seeing it all over the web. It effectively removes all Facebook social plugins from running on other sites other than Facebook itself. That means you won’t be seeing the “Like” button when you’re on other website so you’ll be able to browse freely without the risk of getting distracted or monitored.

Available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, download this plugin if you’re tired of seeing Facebook everywhere on the web.

Find it at: http://webgraph.com

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