4 blade fans vs. 3 blade fans: The Ultimate Guide

Ceiling fans are the most important requirement of any home. The fans are a basic requirement in any Indian home to bear with changing climate. Though air conditioning and air coolers are much better than fans. But the cost of this equipment is expensive, and everyone cannot afford it. Therefore, ceiling fans are the best in terms of cost and efficiency.

Ceiling fans are of various types; they vary in colours, shape, size and blades. Ceiling fans usually come with 3 or 4 blades. Now, the question arises whether 4 blade fans are better or 3 blades one. Read through the article to know which blade fan is better.

What are the four-blade fans?

A four-blade ceiling is one that consists of four blades. A four-blade ceiling fan is not commonly used in a household across the country. Also, the cost of a four-blade ceiling fan is more than the three blades one.

Benefits of four-blade ceiling fans:

  1. Noise – The noise of the four-blade fan is less than that of three-blade fans. If you are unhappy with using a ceiling fan for its noise, then consider a four-blade fan.
  2. Style: A four-blade fan is more stylish in its looks and design. The fan is available in different styles, making it compatible with your home décor and interiors.

Drawbacks of a four-blade ceiling fan:

  1. The biggest drawback of the four-blade ceiling fan is that it moves the air slowly. This is a common mechanism of fans, higher the number of blades slower the air moves.
  2. Next drawback of the ceiling fan is the drag in the motor. Four blade ceiling fan has more aerodynamic drag in the motor.

What is a three-blade ceiling fan?

As the name suggests, a three-blade ceiling fan is one with three blades. This type of fan is commonly found in Indian homes. A common misconception about three-blade fans is that since it has fewer blades, its offer poor cooling. But as per the general laws of science, the efficiency of the fan is decided on air résistance and the airflow. Three-blade ceiling fans are available in the market in different style, colour and size.

The benefits and drawbacks of three-blade fans are as follows:

Benefits of a three-blade fan:

  1. Three-blade ceiling fans offer a high speed of airflow. This cannot be seen in four-blade ceiling fans.
  2. Next important benefit of a three-blade fan is the blade balance. This type of ceiling fan has a dynamic blade balance.

Drawbacks of the three blade ceiling fan:

The main drawback of this fan is noise. Though the speed of the fan is high; it doesn’t cool the room but only the person.

Bottom Line:

Whether you buy a three or four-blade fan consider its pros and cons. In this article, we have shared points on both the fans. A three-blade fan is best in terms of cost and four-blade one in terms of noise and style.