4 Best Cinavia Fixes 2013

Cinavia FixesFrom 2012 onwards, the Data Rights Management firmware, Cinavia was incorporated into every licensed manufacturer of Blu-ray players worldwide, hence preventing users from watching pirated or illegally copied movies/television shows by either freezing the video playback or muting the audio. Yet, several programs have recently been launched that claim to fix all Cinavia or Cinavia PS3 fix errors and provide a permanent fix. Here is the list of 4 best Cinavia fixes and which one is best among all from my extensive research.

1. Slysoft Any DVD

Slysoft released an update to their Any DVD software to upgrade it to version, and with the release notes, it mentioned the ability to overcome Cinavia errors when watching pirated movies on DVD player softwares like the TMT 5 and 6, PowerDVD and Nero Blu-ray player versions. Slysoft mentions the mechanism of operation as such that anyDVD prevents the ability of the video player to detect the Cinavia watermark embedded in the official release of the movie. This allows users to experience no Cinavia errors.

2. DVD Fab

DVD Fab works on the basis of copying the original movie/video which contains the Cinavia firmware, and producing a copy that is protected and can be easily run on the PS3 without any Cinavia errors of any kind. In addition to having the ability to copy DVDs, a special side-product of DVD Fab allows users to copy and successfully watch 3D movies too.

3. DVD Ranger’s CinEx

DVD Ranger’s CinEx has been dubbed by DVD Ranger as the single program that proposes a direct solution to the Cinavia errors experienced by Blu-ray player users ie. It attacks the Cinavia firmware installed in the system directly. The method of function, as described in the white paper issued alongside the beta-release of the CinEx software (which is free) has noted that the fix involves hacking, and intentional modification of the Cinavia watermark as well as the blu-ray player which could pose some serious risks.

4. Movie Fix 2.0

Movie Fix 2.0 is one of those Cinavia fix softwares that is often confused for a scam by web spammers, but is in fact not. The Movie Fix 2.0 advertises a complete eradication of all kinds of Cinavia error messages from any blu-ray player or a PS3 (any system version or software type). Although the methods of function of Movie Fix 2.0 are unclear, it works without any kind of hacking, modifications, jail breaking or illegal DRM disabling hence making it a pretty safe method to get rid of all kinds of Cinavia PS3 Fix errors, from the muted audio to the frozen playback.

In conclusion, taking all factors into account, the most frugal and safe deal seems to be that of Movie Fix 2.0, which is most likely to successfully work on all kinds of blu-ray player systems and PS3 consoles and its cost effective one too compare to DVD fab and Any DVD. The CinEX is free one but you can do this with your own risks.

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About Author:  Am Matthew, 24X7 movies and gaming freak and while stumble up on some Cinavia solutions for my PS3 on the web, I found some great suggestions. You can also enjoy error free movies with these solutions.

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